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Stretching from the endless, clean, clear lakes and rivers of Northern Saskatchewan to the high rock ridges, to low swamp lands, sand, rock, and thick old burn areas, to open timber enveloped in aged white moss called lichens and back to more rock. Welcome to Northern Saskatchewan, home to some of the best bear hunting on Earth.

The vast areas we hunt is home to many different animals including moose, caribou, martens, fishers, mink, otters, wolves, wolverines and of course abundant numbers of Black Bear. We invite you to join us in camp for a Saskatchewan bear hunt of a life time.

In my 40 plus years as a bear hunting outfitter here in Saskatchewan, we have taken over 2000 clients.  And in that time we have harvested over 1500 bears. I have owned and operated bear hunting camps all the way from the forest fringe lands of east central Saskatchewan to the wet boreal forest of Hudson Bay.   I have even hunted in the haunted forests of the wild cat hills.

In 2000 I discovered my home! This remote wilderness, full of peace, solitude and tranquility offers the opportunity to expand our bear hunting territory into new areas that are very seldom seen by man. This gives us the chance to harvest those once in a life time trophy animals, and that's what it's all about.

We run a very large number of active bear baits.  They are scattered over a vast area. Doing it that way we don't attract the same bears to numerous bait stations. Each client will have at least three different baits stations for them to hunt over the course of their 5 day hunting adventure. Most of our clients are in awe as to how many miles we travel. And while some might think it's a bit much, sometimes that's what it takes to be successful in this business.

Because of the hard work and dedication of myself and my staff, we are proud to say that we have put around 1000 bears into the Pope & Young as well as the Boone & Crockett record books. While some clients choose not to have their trophies officially scored,  a lot do choose to do so. At one point in time we held several spots in the top 10. While we know you can't please everyone, you can rest assured we sure do try.

Our primary focus is on you, the client. We strive for you to have a safe and successful bear hunt while you are here and to build memories of your bear hunting adventure in Saskatchewan that will last a lifetime.

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