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From those endless, clean, clear lakes and rivers, up to the high rock ridges, over to the low swamps, with sand, and rock, and thick old burn areas, welcome to northern Saskatchewan, the Canadian province that is home to some of the best and most affordable bear hunts on the North American continent.

This vast area where our remote camp is located is home to a variety of animals.  Expect to see Alaska moose, woodland caribou, the crafty marten, colorful fishers, an occasional mink, gray wolves, the mighty wolverine and of course the abundant Canadian Black Bear. And we find lots of color phase bears in this northern Canadian hunting area. We invite you to join us at our remote Canadian camp for one of our truly affordable Canadian bear hunts.  It will certainly be an adventure of a life time.

In 2000 we located our Canadian bear camp in this  remote wilderness.  It has an abundance of both solitude as well as tranquility and offers an affordable opportunity to conduct Canadian bear hunts in an area that has very seldom been seen by humans. This gives us the chance to harvest  once in a life time trophy animals, and for many of our clients, that's what its all about.

Each of our extensive bait lines contain a rather large number of active bear baits.  Our bear bait stations are spread over a rather large area comprised of tens of thousands of acres. Because of the distances involved, we don't attract the same bears to numerous other bait stations. Each of our clients will have at least three different active baits stations to hunt during the course of their 5 day bear hunt. That's just one of the things it takes to be successful in Canadian bear hunting.

Because of our hard work and dedication over the years, we can say that we have placed over a thousand bears in the record books, in both the Pope & Young,  Boone & Crockett and Safari Club record books. Keep in mind that some of our clients choose to not have their trophies officially measured.    But some do. And at one time we held several spots in the top 10 in P&Y and B&C.

Our primary focus is on our clients. We aim for you to have an affordable, yet successful Canadian bear hunt. And while you are here we'll help you build memories of your Canadian bear hunt that will last a lifetime.

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